venice yogi

venice yogi

yoga and meditation
for opening the heart



I believe there is an inborn impulse built into every human being that makes us want to become— in a word— better.

We all yearn to keep evolving through our stuck places, unfolding our most authentic selves, traveling toward an Omega point we will never quite attain.

To become happier. Kinder. More conscious. More vibrantly alive. More deeply relational.

At its best, spirituality radically accelerates this process. If we commit to a time-tested practice, our development fast-tracks.

Our thinking becomes more creative, intuitive. We begin to savor the magic of this life that we are living, to heal from the wounds of our past, and to connect more deeply with others. Our heart breaks open; the circle of our care widens.

And if we are diligent, we may even happen upon a spiritual insight that will liberate us from our separate, small, seemingly solid identities, and release us into a more fluid, more expansive world...



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